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Controls and production

Software customized for your needs

All of Maris’ software is based on the needs of each customer, so that it can achieve the greatest possible efficiency in operations.


The system gathers information from sensors and devices and saves to a centralized database. From this centralized system, all the information from these data can be summoned and presented in any way desired.

This provides users access to living data each time. Users can also go through the history and evolution of the data back in time. All of this information can be presented in graphs, histograms, tables or in the most appropriate way. Deviations and abnormal behavior of systems and devices can be monitored, and warnings can also be flagged in case of serious or costly deviations. The system is suitable for different situations, and is tailored to the needs of each individual.

The main features of the SCADA system are:

  • Graphic view of conditions and status of devices
  • Real-time data
  • Warnings and actions related to them
  • Increased safety and overview of maintenance
  • Control of connections and database