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Maris’ goal is to lower the operating costs of companies in aquaculture, including the cost of feed, oxygen and electricity costs.

Feed, electricity and oxygen are the most important factors in the operation of aquaculture companies, and it is therefore important to minimize the cost of these aspects, which is Maris’ specialty.

Feeding control

Maris offers feeding control for aquaculture. Maris feed controls can be combined with oxygen control to achieve maximum feeding efficiency.

Pump control

Manufactured and built to the needs of each individual, whether controlling the height of water, pressure or volume, we have the solution for you.

Roe control

Control water temperature and waterlevel roe cabinet. The system maintains the correct water level so that the efficiency of the aerator is always as good as possible. The system also maintains the desired desired temperature of the roe and thus can be controlled with high precision of their growth.

Oxygen control

Handles automatically oxygen bleeding onto rocks both manually and automatically. The user can adjust the duration of the bleeding and can thus maximize the oxygen efficiency of each vessel. The minimum saturation can be set so that the system goes into emergency bleeding and also when it goes back to normal operation. The oxygen system can be combined with a feed system so that at a particular saturation the feed system shuts off the respective system.

The Ozone system

Disinfectant service provider. Redox offers equipment and technology that can be installed in most processing plants to maximize performance and performance. Our ozone systems are used in the processing of meat, fish and other foods. As of 2017, ozone may be used directly on foods (according to a biocidal product directive) which will greatly increase the shelf life and safety of food. If you choose to test before making a purchase decision, we also offer equipment rentals.

The SCADA system

To achieve all that automation has to offer, you need to take the next step. The first part of self-esteem is to create single systems, sensors, and devices that handle any particular item in the whole. From there, the next step is to gather data from all memory systems and bring them together in one place. The SCADA system is an advantage in this type of work.

The SCADA system gathers information from sensors and devices and saves to a centralized database. From this centralized system, all the information from these data can be summoned and presented in any way desired. This gives users access to live values ​​from time to time or view history and evolution in time for what matters. All of this information can be presented in graphs, histograms, tables or in the most appropriate way. Deviations and abnormal behavior of systems and devices can be monitored, and warnings can also be flagged in case of serious or costly deviations.