About us – Maris

Maris offers a wide range of solutions for pumps, software and electricity. Our goal is to lower operating cost for companies in the aquaculture industry. That includes the cost of oxygen, feeding and electricity.

Established in October 2006 under the name Dæluhúðun by Gunnlaugi Hólm Torfasyni. At first, the work mainly involved pump repairs and coating.

In 2012, Karl Eiríkur Hrólfsson buys 25% share hold in the company. With him the legalization of electricity enters the company. Controls for pumps, feeding and oxygen were then implemented for aquaculture. In 2014, the import and sale of pumps and other related equipment was also carried out in co-operation with Lagnir og þjónusta under the Eldislausna brand. Then in spring of 2018, Ísfell buys Dæluhúðun (Tæknivík).

The service provided by Maris includes consulting for aquaculture companies, installation and connection of all equipment in aquaculture, taking care of all general electrical services, pump repair and industrial management. Recently, Maris began working with Redox, which manufactures Ozone equipment tailored to the needs of each business. They also offer a new generation of oxygen systems.

Maris also offers the SCADA system for aquaculture farms. The SCADA system gathers information from sensors and devices and saves the data to a centralized database. For more information about the system, go under software or aquaculture.